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anna wiesek stawowy

Anna Wiesek-Stawowy

fine artist & artisan

Stanislaw Stawowy

visual artist

Raise you brush: every day is an art day! Make things happened.

Anna Wiesek-Stawowy

I’m the painter and that means I can’t live without colours. First of all I love a traditional oil painting techniques and temperas. Furthermore I dye fibres and make handspun novelty art yarns and photo props.

To meet the needs of people who weaving and knitting in the style of slow fashion and zero waste, I offer a multitude of types of softness and textures of various fibers (wool, cashmere, silk, soy, bamboo, milk, pearl, etc.), from which real miracles arise.

For stylish home I make fluffy furry rugs, woollen decorative chair pads or cushions. Which could be use also as a prop for newborn photo sessions.

My fibres, locks and raw fleeces are all sourced from trusted farmers and producers. Usually I process from raw fleece – because only this way I can be sure that everything is of the highest quality and not destroyed by unnecessary chemistry stuff. Every piece of lock is hand washed, hand dyed and hand spun on spindles or spinning wheel create my unique yarns. Or felted into fluffy rugs with curls.

For my projects I use fleece from various breeds of sheep, especially those rare and covered with various protective programs

Stanislaw Stawowy

I am a visual artist in love with painting and drawing.

As a painter, I am fascinated by the color stain that builds a painting image through its shape, texture, saturation, color and contrast. So little and various paintings and painting styles are created – from realism to abstraction, modernism and icons. 

The drawing is the purity of form and the meaning given to each drawn line, which through its appropriate direction, thickness or saturation can create depth on a flat sheet, shape the perspective – vast graphic spaces. 

Out of these two of my loves, fascination with stained glass arose. In particular, stained glass made with the Tiffany technique.In contrast to traditional stained glass and mosaics, this technique allows for any shaping of a coloured sheet of stained glass (also 3D like lamps, candle holders) and delineate it with a well thought out line of solders. As a result, amazing stained glass panels are created, full of drawing and painting, artistic stained glass windows intensified by the light, small stained glass ornaments simple and elegant. For me, stained glass is a great fusion of drawing and painting.


Look, admire, create.

I believe that our philosophy: slow life in eco friendly, hygge cosy home with beautiful things is also close to you…

Here you will discover our artistic realm…